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The Encyclopedia of Ailments and Diseases

The book entitled The Encyclopedia of Ailments and Diseases, explains how our thoughts, feelings and emotions are the root causes of illnesses. This book is an illustration of the Masters’ teachings about how our invisible thoughts, feelings and emotions have measurable physical impacts in the form of illnesses.

The Little Stick Figures Technique

A simple and effective technique of emotional self-healing, accessible to everyone. It enables me to harmonize my conflicted relationships and free myself from dependencies and attachments involving others.

This powerful technique that acts at the subconscious level has been viewed by more than 500 000 people with 2 videos produced by Jacques Martel, which are available free on the Internet. All the public’s questions are answered in this book!


Founded in 1996 by the current president Jacques Martel, Editions ATMA International today collaborates with more than fifty authors and lecturers throughout Europe and North America. Our specialty: Health, Wellness and Awareness.

Thanks to Editions ATMA Internationales, MILLIONS of people have been able to discover, over time, fabulous authors and speakers.

Mr. Jacques Martel invites you to follow the activities in the section events. In addition, visit the videos Offering several interviews and free personal growth techniques.

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