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Jacques Martel Jacques Martel, President and founder of ATMA Inc., Éditions ATMA internationales.

A highly accomplished speaker since 1978, Jacques Martel is a trainer and has conducted personal growth workshops since 1988. His training as a professional Rebirther (ancient yoga technique with conscious breathing) adds to his therapy experience, all of which benefits those who attend his workshops, conferences and individual sessions. His activities take place in Canada as well as in Europe.

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Lucie Bernier Lucie Bernier Psychotherapist, REIKI Master, author, speaker and personal development workshop leader.

Lucie Bernier has been Jacques Martel’s collaborator since 1988. She collaborated closely in writing The Complete Dictionary of Ailments and Diseases, in addition to taking an active part as an assistant in the «Little stick Figures» workshops.

Robert Lenghan Consultant, author, and close collaborator of Jacques Martel

Robert Lenghan has more than 35 years of experience in the field of management, such as change management, project management, event management, coaching, training, communication, and many others, in public and private industry.