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Jacques Martel

Born in Montreal in September 1950, Jacques Martel finished in 1977 its electrical engineer training at Laval University and became a member in good standing of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec. Subsequently, he was a professor in electronics with a government organization, the Labour Centre of Canada (MCC) and also trainer in private enterprise.

He has shown great interest in communication in all its forms. After completing his university studies, electronic media attract his attention and he started in 1977 training at the College of Advertisers in Radio and Television (CART) in Quebec.

His desire to understand “the other side of things” led him in a spiritual quest that completely reorients his life. In 1988 he began a personal development training. This training the key to such a point that it becomes host of personal development workshops, job then he will occupy full-time in 1990, as a psychotherapist.

Rich “Truths”, the communicator chooses to share the fruit of his reflections. Thus, the “Growth Centre ATMA” will be launched in 1990 to become ATMA Inc. in 1996. Jacques Martel still took the Chair.
In 1991, a writing project takes place in his life. Surely, the book The great dictionary of ailments and diseases is preparing to emerge. The knowledge that Jacques has acquired during his electrical engineering training allowed him to travel from the tangible to the intangible, from practice to intuition; likewise, numerous workshops and conferences have confirmed to him the strong link between the disease and thought (feelings and emotions …) as a source of conflict that could lead to the outbreak of diseases. So here it is ready to write her book that ultimately will be launched in April 1998.

In 1993 he became Master Reiki (energy healing technique). In 1995 he acquired his training Rebirtheur. From 1994 to 1998 he was president of the “Association of Canada and Quebec of Reiki Masters” (ACQMR). In 2011 he formed in reconnection © (another technique of energy healing). Since 04/04/04 (4 April 2004), he became more aware of the way forward to develop more ways to go to physical healing, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Jacques Martel speaks and participates in health fairs and wellness. He hosted from 1988 and until 2014, workshops in Quebec, Europe and Reunion Island and French Polynesia as well as Mauritius. It also forms on demand with other therapists emotional healing technique, © TIC (Integration by Heart Technique).

The interest for several years with the public and therapists by the book The great dictionary of ailments and diseases demonstrates the relevance of such a book that has been read by more than 1 million readers worldwide, making it a “bestseller”.

In addition to the second edition of the book The great dictionary of ailments and diseases (2007), Jacques Martel published other complementary products that are much appreciated by those seeking healing and wellness. Include other books such as:

THE POWER OF REIKI, Life Force Healing Force
The Power of Commitment … or how to act WINNER!
ATMA, the power of love
ATMA and Healing Circle
Back to the Source … The POWER of WORDS that release me!
5 STEPS for Achieving HEALING

He also produced several CD-lectures, guided meditations CD, available on digital platforms, VIDEOS capsules on various themes on health and wellness, available, etc.

Lucie Bernier

Lucie Bernier

Lucie Bernier is a psychotherapist, lecturer and facilitator of personal development workshops. She is from Rivière-Ouelle, a Quebec municipality located in the Bas-Saint-Laurent.

She made her university studies in law and made a career as a flight attendant and purser for 22 years with an international airline.

She began in 1989 a process of working on “Self”. In 1993 she became Master REIKI (technique of natural healing by laying on of hands using the universal neutral energy without intention). She followed more than 2,500 hours of workshops for personal and professional development. She also acted as facilitator and / or assistant in workshops taught by Jacques Martel, mainly in Europe. She has also taught and lectured in Quebec, New Brunswick, Ontario and the United States.

From 1995 to 1998 she collaborated in the production of the book The great dictionary of ailments and diseases as she participated in the realization of the second edition.

She now acts as Deputy Director General for International Publishing ATMA .

Denis Tremblay

Denis Tremblay

Denis Tremblay and Claude Demers, who created two accomplices for over 25 years a good majority of the advertisements and radio series in Quebec success with Studio Sélecson.

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