ATMA, the power of Love

A book of practical exercises to foster open-mindedness, well-being and inner peace

The ATMA, the Power of Love, new edition, is a practical book where everyone can experience simply and effectively the exercises that are described and explained in it, with occasional examples, so that each person can understand it well. The comments by people who have participated in our workshops will enable readers to become aware of the diversity of the results that anyone can derive from it for their personal benefit.




ATMA, the Power of Love

ATMA, the Power of Love is intended to be a practical approach to spirituality, namely to bring spirituality back into the material world or, in other terms, into the physical and concrete plane. It enables us to seek understanding at the level of the heart, which provides us with the inner peace we need. The origin of some of the exercises described in the book goes back to ancient Tibet teachings that have been adapted to modern times.

The music of “HU, the chant of the Universe”, the free Internet downloading link to which is included in this book, is a legacy that goes back to the beginning of the Universe. It contains a spiritual mantra that helps expand one’s awareness.


The «Ball of Light» Technique

This exercise is aimed at balancing my energy centers, also called chakras, and at raising my awareness.

This is an absolutely safe exercise. If one center of energy has more energy than another, this exercise will tend to distribute the excess energy to other centers, giving more where needed. If one of my chakras is not as open as another, it will tend to open it harmoniously so that I am made more aware of my surroundings and of myself all the while being naturally protected while doing the exercise.

The white light is one of two manifestations of divine energy in the worlds of matter, energy, space and time; the second manifestation is sound.

While doing this exercise, I may feel a warm current inside my body, either at the level of the heart♥, of the spine, or throughout the body. This is normal, simply the energy of love at word in my body.

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August 2016