The Little Stick Figures Technique


A simple and effective technique of emotional self-healing, accessible to everyone. It enables me to harmonize my conflicted relationships and free myself from dependencies and attachments involving others.

This powerful technique that acts at the subconscious level has been viewed by more than 500 000 persons through the 2 videos produced by Jacques Martel, which are available free on the Internet. All the public’s questions are answered in this book!

This fascinating, simple and effective technique was created by Jacques Martel in 1993. It enables me to free myself from my dependencies, my fears and my conscious or unconscious attachments. It enables me to gain more detachment from a person or a situation and to develop more unconditional Love. This results in greater well-being in my everyday life.

The secret of this technique is that it acts on the conscious as well as on the subconscious. It thus becomes a powerful tool for transformation. Using it regularly enables me to activate positive changes in my life. Many persons have testified to the great effectiveness of this Technique.

This book answers the questions about this technique and explains how to use it, why it works and its many applications in different situations such as, for instance, selling or purchasing goods, improving my relationships with a spouse, an ex-spouse or my family, how to attract my soul-mate or abundance, etc. All that and much more!


A great number of people are seeking the means to improve their everyday lives. In fact, I (which means «each one of us») experience situations in my everyday life that are sometimes conflicted or in disharmony. Of course, there are many professionals who can help me (therapists, psychologists, social workers, physicians, etc.), but what about those actions I can do myself at home, at work or elsewhere and that will really help me? This is where the Little Stick Figures Technique© comes into play.

This technique, which takes only a few minutes to do, enables me to free myself from my dependencies, my fears and my conscious or unconscious attachments. It enables me to have more detachment toward a person or a situation and to develop more unconditional love.

Using it on a regular basis enables me to effect positive changes in my life. These changes result from my decision and my intention to change and from the fact that I spell out this intention in writing. In this way I act on my conscious as well as on my subconscious. It thus becomes a powerful tool for transformation.

By showing my openness when I do the exercise, I set off a whole process where my energy level is raised, where I manifest a raising of consciousness and make room for changes. A little like when the wind blows on clouds and they dissipate and make room for the blue sky and the sun that can better show the light through its rays. The sun was shining before, but was hidden by the clouds that represent my fears, my doubts, my insecurities, my dependencies, my attachments, my judgements about myself and others.

The technique allows me to initiate the inner «wind of change». The more detached I am and confident in the results, the more capable I am of accurately identifying those results (changes) in my Life. There follows a lightness, a well-being that is sometimes difficult to account for with my mind. I thus reclaim full power over my life!

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To answer your question: It helps me, and my clients too, to let go in love, and also the understanding that these events have led us to grow and we must shed some of the memories of our past in order to recover our peace of mind and our health.

I adore this sort of simple exercise and I believe in the power of the symbolic act. And the fact of freeing ourselves from our conscious or unconscious attachments in order to keep only the tie of love, that seems essential to me in our quest for freedom. I waited a long time before taking the time to watch Jacques Martel’s two videos because I needed a one-hour session, but I was thrilled. Thanks to Jacques Martel for offereing us this gift that he teaches in this training sessions.

I work at home as a self-employed naturopath and massage therapist and I have found it so extraordinary that I regularly suggest it to my clients. It is a simple, rapid technique and with a little letting-go, it gives extraordinary results. I always tell my clients: «Try it, you will see.» No pressure. No relentless prodding, just letting do. You only need to go and see the number of visits on your site and you will clearly find that this method is very widely used. I always tell myself that all those small gestures made can produce a large results. An amusing incident: one day, I spoke to one of my sisters about the Little Stick Figures Technique and then, when in turn I later had to get by a little difficulty, she told me: «Did you do the Little Stick Figures Technique?» Just to say the effect it can have! A boomerang effect. I have only good thoughts about this method.

I have regularly used the Little Stick Figures Technique for years and have always been pleasantly surprised at the positive results of those encounters and/or telephone calls that I dreaded. Thanks for this simple technique accessible anywhere.


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