The Encyclopedia of Ailments and Diseases

Now Available: the English Translation of the Best-Seller “Le Grand Dictionnaire des Malaises et des maladies (2nd Edition)”, more than 350 000 copies sold wordlwide, already more than 1 million readers!

These days, with the hectic pace of modern life, and time rushing on at amazing speed, I must face and manage challenges in all areas of my life on a daily basis, so my HEALTH is an essential element for my steadiness and my personal fulfillment. This dictionary is a fascinating instrument that brings me valuable help in any personal, family or work-related endeavor, from a holistic (overall) viewpoint as well as from an allopathic (medical) perspective. It enables me to discover the conscious or unconscious sources of ailments and diseases and the feelings, thoughts or emotions at the root of these physical and psychological illnesses. By using the integration technique explained in this book, I can change my attitudes, behaviors or thoughts, so that the healing process can start and I can recover my health, my well-being and my joy in living.

This is the most comprehensive dictionary dealing with the conflicted thoughts, feelings and emotions at the root of illnesses.



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The Encyclopedia of Ailments and Diseases: How to Heal the Conflicted Feelings, Emotions, and Thoughts at the Root of Illness 2nd Edition, New Edition of The Complete Dictionary of Ailments and Diseases

The book entitled The Encyclopedia of Ailments and Diseases, explains how our thoughts, feelings and emotions are the root causes of illnesses. This book is an illustration of the Masters’ teachings about how our invisible thoughts, feelings and emotions have measurable physical impacts in the form of illnesses.

This remarkable tool deals with close to 900 ailments, diseases and parts of the body. This reference manual helps me to become my own therapist by learning to know myself better and to be able to prevent or heal an illness if I take action and resolve the conflict from which it originated.

By learning to decode this new dictionary of emotions,I will now be able to invest in my own capital of health, being capable now of preventing and avoiding many of the ailments that may threaten me. So it is not a matter of clairvoyance, but clearly a matter of knowledge. As Paul Twitchell, an American writer, said one day: “Only the brave and the adventurous will personally experience God.” And also: “One must learn from those who know.

Thus, the aim of this book is to complement any health-improving approach, whether medical or linked to alternative forms of medicine.

It is our lack of awareness of the laws that regulate the links between our thoughts and emotions and our physical bodies that leads us to experience situations of ailments and diseases. I must therefore become aware of the trajectory of my personal progression or, in the broadest sense, of my spiritual development.

I sincerely believe each one of us can take ourselves in hand more or less independently and that each of us can attain a higher degree of wisdom, love and freedom! We all deserve this.

This book was written with the help of some Masters.

This dictionary was designed as a tool for opening up conscious awareness and for inquiry into self-discovery. It is important that I use this book as a tool for understanding, investigation and transformation.

Truly yours,

Jacques Martel

Author and president of “Les Éditions ATMA Internationales”


I can use the information contained in this book to effect changes at the level of my emotions. By doing the following exercise, I can activate my emotional memory to make it possible, from my head to my heart ©, for some part of my emotions to be healed in love.

It is a matter of taking the text dealing with an ailment or a disease and reading it syllable by syllable, taking at least one second per syllable. For example, let us take the following disease: Arthritis. The following text:

ARTHRITIS (in general)

Arthritis is defined as the inflammation of a joint. It can affect each of the parts of the human locomotor system: this includes the bones, the ligaments, the tendons and the muscles. It is characterized by inflammation, muscular stiffness and pain, whichcorrespond, on the metaphysical level, to an experience of closing off, criticism,sorrow, sadness or anger.

Then becomes:

AR-THRI-TIS (in ge-ne-ral)

Ar-thri-tis is de-fined as the in-flam-ma-tion of a joint. It can af-fect each of the parts of the hu-man lo-co-mo-tor sys-tem: this in-cludes the bones, the li-ga-ments, the ten-dons and the mus-cles. It is cha-rac-te-rized by in-flam-ma-tion, mus-cu-lar stiff-ness and pain, which cor-res-pond, on the me-ta-phy-si-cal le-vel, to an ex-pe-ri-ence of clo-sing off,cri-ti-ci-sm, sor-row, sad-ness or an-ger.

And I continue my reading until I have covered the complete textI am reading in the book. It is very important to proceed very slowly, one syllable per second at the most or even more slowly. It is not important that I be concerned about whether or not my intellect understands the words or the sentences I am pronouncing. It is possible that emotions of sorrow or sadness may manifest themselves during the exercise; it is a matter of putting love into the situation. I can take the text of a disease I currently have or of a disease I previously had, or of a disease I may fear contracting. If I experience any emotions during the exercise, I can do it over again later in the day, or on another day, until I no longer experience any emotions and I feel comfortable with the text.

I can do this exercise, if I wish, after a meditation, after listening to relaxing music or after a guided relaxation session.


This book by Jacques Martel is magnificent in detailing the emotions related to physical aliments. There is not a book on the market as comprehensive as this book. The questions to ask yourself with each aliment are thought provoking and the affirmations are helpful. I highly recommend this book for all energy healers and those people looking for the root cause of their illness.
Cindy Palajac

I’ve been waiting for this book to be translated into English for a long time. Every once in a while I would check amazon, and this last time it was! This book is really fantastic, especially if you want to go deeper than Louise Hay’s “Heal Your Body”, which Jacques credits as reference. The book is very thorough in the descriptions, and does have a method to heal your specific ailment. I recommend it to anyone who understands there is a connection with the body and mind. This book is very in-depth. Cindy T.

I haven’t head much time to work with the book. But I read the introductions and looked up briefly some issues I’ve been dealing with – and it seems like a great tool to add to the different ways of curing ailments and diseases. It seems to be an amazing tool and I think I’ll be benefiting from it for many years.
Mickael Dull

This is a must have book! Shapiro and Hay have started on the subject, but Martel outshined them all! The amount of information contained in this book will really blow your mind! Best present you could ever give someone too!
Natalie G.

The book is the best! amazing descriptions and affirmations to go along with each ailment. Definitely a book for every household.
Lisa Lopez

This is a great reference book….it helped me tremendously…..BUT….people should not change anything that your doctor has prescribed. Things in this book can be discussed with your doctor. I have a great doctor that worked with me and I have cut my pills in half, thanks to understanding where the problem stems from. I truly recommend this book for better understanding of your illnesses.
Nicolas Staver

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